A List of Our Landscaping Services

Bougainvillea flowers and sunlight filtering through the leaves

If you’re on the Board of your HOA or COA, you expect strong curb appeal. We know why. It’s where you live, and appearance is important to the value of all your residents’ homes. Florida Green, Inc. knows how to meet the expectations of non-age restricted communities, as well as over-55 associations.

Landscape maintenance is an investment in your association. We’re committed to making that investment work for you through quality work and cost control. We’re experienced working with properties managed by independent CAM’s, community associations using management companies, as well as self-managed HOA’s and COA’s.

We provide free hurricane tree analysis. Properly trimmed trees are great for curb-appeal, but it’s not just that. We’ve got the experience to find and remove potential projectiles from Florida trees.

Weak, interlocking and dead branches of untrimmed black-olive, mahogany and ficus trees are particularly hazardous as our coconuts and various large seeds hanging from trees.

We also provide free irrigation analysis and repair. There are ways to lay out sprinkler systems that minimize tree-root intrusion. We’ve been doing it for decades.

We take pride in our work, and clients notice. See our testimonials page.

Protecting your asset is important. With $1 million/$2 million in liability insurance, plus workers comp, we’re ready to name your property and your community association management company as additional insured.

  • General Cleanups
  • Perennials
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Soil Analysis
  • Landscape Construction
  • Holiday Decorations/Lights
  • Pest control
  • Irrigation
  • Clearing & Grading
  • Tree Trimming
  • Sprinkler Maintenance
  • Mulching
  • Annuals
  • Fertilizations
  • Landscape Installations
  • Landscape Maintenance